Online Image Tours of Great Communities

Established in 2001, DesignLens is the building industry's largest online library of photo tours for:


  • Model Homes
  • Master Planned Communities
  • Historical Neighborhoods
  • Town/Commercial Centers

The 800+ communities and developments depicted on DesignLens have been specifically chosen for their innovations in architecture, design, land planning and/or historical significance.


A Photo Library of Inspiring Designs

The more than 100,000 images stored in the DesignLens archives are searchable by:


  • Architectural Styles
  • Housing Types
  • Exterior Features
  • Interior Details
  • Green Building
  • Square Footages and House Widths
  • Regions, and more

Along with the photographs, DesignLens offers floor plans, site plans and written analyses that all help profile some of the country's finest examples of residential and commercial development.

A Resource that Gives You a Competitive Edge

DesignLens also provides communication tools that let you share this valuable information with clients and colleagues, including:


  • Create slideshows for design boards and presentations
  • Share images and ideas with clients from remote locations
  • Make folders of your favorite images


For more information or to start you subscription, contact Jenni Lantz at :

Email : designlens@realestateconsulting.com
Phone : (720) 328-1530